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Ádler Kürtösi Law Office



Ádler&Kürtösi provides deep knowledge of local regulatory and business environment at your fingertips.


We at Ádler & Kürtösi are highly committed to ensure legal services of the highest quality for you based on our substantial professional experience with deep knowledge of the local regulatory and business environment. Based on clear understanding of your business strategies and legal needs we combine extensive industry knowledge with sound business advice and skilled legal counsel in our roles as trusted advisors.

We always focus on providing tailor-made support and development of proper and feasible solutions for you with timely, practical, effective and cost-efficient guidance in order to support reaching your business objectives via due actions that meets even the most sensitive legal challenges as well.


Life sciences / Regulated Markets

Ádler Kürtösi Regulated Market Law

Complete legal support for players at the field of pharmaceuticals,

biologics, health technologies and wider life sciences from „greenfield” investments, strategic planning and execution of business operation:

- development of internal business

  regulation; full-scale SOP-

  integrated compliance support

- sales and marketing activities in

  the wider health industry 

- administrative procedures and

  investigation of Authorities.

- special business concerns of

  acquisition of rights, infringement

  cases, enforcement and preven-

  tion of sanctions and litigations

Data Protection

Adler Kürtösi Data Protection Law

Application of comprehensive experiences on data protection regulations, GDPR, Privacy policy, NAIH procedures, proper data processing and protection, executing or assisting internal audits.

Commercial Activities

Adler Kürtösi Lawyers Commercial Contracts

All aspect of daily business operation from drafting and negotiating even the most complex commercial contracts, confidentiality agreements, managing liability issues and administrative procedures or developing complex General Terms and Condition framework – each under a strict and permanent competition-related supervision..

General Corporate Issues

Adler Kürtösi Lawyers Corporate Law

Providing full support in corporate issues from foundation and further charter amendment, shareholders’ agreements, investment and operational company structures, Audit & due diligence, internal regulations (orders of business, rules of organization and operation).

Areas of Expertise


Ádler Dóra

Dóra Ádler, JD

Attorney, Life Sciences expert, managing partner

More than 15 years of special experience at the field of regulated business of pharma and medtech companies, private healthcare providers and health insurers. Solid and comprehensive knowledge on local and international Code of Conducts, practice of Authorities and commercial activities, professional and laic communication of Pharma and MedTech companies, clinical trials, complex patient adherence programs

Kürtösi Emese

Emese Kürtösi, JD

Attorney, Commercial law expert, partner

More than 15 years of special experience on regulated markets of health industry, deep and special knowledge on proceedings of the relevant authorities. Former deputy head of the department responsible for HC investigations (Hungarian Competition Authority), senior executive responsible for investigations (Health Insurance Supervision Authority).


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2-4 Anker köz, Budapest 1061


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